Monday, December 6, 2010

YWCA Senior Services - West LA

The YWCA Senior Services at the Felicia Mahood Center in West LA was highlighted in the latest newsletter. Meet some of the seniors who participate at the center and hear their stories. Enjoy!

"I try to give five hours a week to God by making blankets for sick children and people in wheelchairs," explains Aazam Borhani. "I moved to Los Angeles from Iran over 26 years ago. I enjoy coming to the YW Senior Services to be involved in activities and projects that help others." No stranger to helping others, Aazam worked in Iran with children who were diagnosed with cancer by reading to them and painting for them.

"I've been knitting most of my life," shares Sylvia Gremson. "My mother taught me to knit to keep me quiet I think. Every Thursday, I come to the YWCA to knit and sew. We make hats, booties, and other baby items for needy families and sick children." Sylvia moved from London to Los Angeles in 1980.

Although her own mobility is limited by the necessity of a walker, Fatemeh Charoshi finds great joy in volunteering at the YW Senior Services Center. She comes every Monday and Thursday to serve tea to the ESL class. While she's serving, she is sure to listen and even participate in the class so she too can learn to speak and read English.

Akram and Hossein Kashani enjoy visiting with friends and participating in the various activities at the YW Senior Services. This happy brother/sister duo split their time between Iran and the United States staying with different family members. With a strong family background focused on education, both of them have achieved much in their lives. Akram taught French and English at the university level in Iran while Hossein has much experience in the medical field and holds a Masters in Sociology. They appreciate having a place like the YW where they can enjoy friendship, good food, and some laughter.

Nutritious meals are served daily at an affordable rate at the YW Senior Services. Healthy, affordable, delicious - AND served with a smile!!

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