Thursday, July 26, 2012

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Families play an important role in socializing children. Families are a structure where children learn survival skills and learn how to solve problems. In caring for and nurturing your children, there are a number of values you can instill, skills you can teach and behaviors you can model as part of sexual abuse prevention.
Communication with your children about sexual abuse and how to minimize the risk is the key to a healthy and safe environment.
Parents did you know…
1 in 3 Girls will be sexual assaulted before they turn 18 years old.
1 in 6 Boys will sexual assaulted before they turn 18 years old.
80% of perpetrators are known, liked and trusted by the children they assault.
Use This Information to Start the Conversation with Your Children...
·         Any contact with private parts is wrong. Make clear to your child that no one is permitted to touch his or her private parts (penis/vagina/anus/breasts), and they should not touch an adult's private parts.
·         He/she has the right to say no. Your child should know that his/her body belongs to him/her and he/she has the right to say no to anything that makes him/her feel uncomfortable.
·         Improper touching is not the child's fault. Your child needs to know that if anyone touches their private parts, or asks the child to touch theirs, it is not the child's fault.
·        Sexual contact should not be kept as a secret. If anyone touches your child sexually and/or makes them feel uncomfortable, tell someone, there no are secrets when it comes to safety and well-being. Even if someone says “Let’s keep this our secret”, or threatens to harm family, pets or love ones.

Children need to know the following:

  • “Trust your instincts”
  • It’s not okay for an older child or adult to make you keep a secret. If someone wants you to keep a secret, always tell someone.
  • Find a trusted adult and tell and keep telling!

You can always tell the YWCA Greater Los Angeles
24-hour Hotline: 1 (877) Y-HELPS-U
                             1 (877) 943-5778

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