Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Job Corps...

The following is a letter from a Job Corps Student.

I want to take this moment to once again thank the Job Corps staff starting with Ms. Honore for all her positive and encouraging words. You are a very busy woman and you still stop and take the time to listen and help students, I don’t know that I could find that anywhere but Job Corps. I want to thank Mr. Rice for providing discipline and a safe environment for me and all the students. He sets a positive look and structure to keep students off the street and learn a trade without worrying that there is danger. I want to thank Mrs. Rosser for letting me borrow her great books. I learned a lot from creative writing, to think like a GIANT, to avoid negativity in life, and to never give up. I also want to thank Ms. Faye Washington from the YWCA. Although we only met once, I want to thank her because I know she's out there every day keeping Job Corps funded and on business. I’m sure it can be hard to go out there and sell the organization, so I want to thank her, and the investors who invest in the program. I will never forget her speech on "Changing the Game.” Sometimes when things don't go right you have to change - in my case I had to change my attitude, my way of thinking, my way of dressing, and my way of speaking, in order for me to get a better job and blend in with the right people who can help me in my career.

Now that I said all my thanks, I want to share what Job Corps means to me. Job Corps was like a mother to me and I'll explain why - a mother feeds, clothes, disciplines, and educates her children to be successful in life. That's what Job Corps did. I was fed three great meals a day, I was given free clothes, when I was sick the health center was there to take care of me, when I did wrong, I was given a warning - but it all built responsibility. All of this reminded me of what my mother used to do when I was little and for that I'm so appreciative.
Now that I have finished my trade and moved on, I'm currently working as a Bellman at the Viceroy Hotel. I'm doing great there, always on time and looking sharp. All the tools I learned at Job Corps I apply at work such as proper business etiquette, computer literacy, dress for success, Math, and English. Without these tools, I wouldn’t be very effective or successful at work. It's because of Job Corps, and most of all the staff who help students succeed, no matter the circumstances, whether an ex gang member, whether fired from a previous job, whether they dropped out of school, or if a single parent. Dreams can happen, and they do, that's why Job Corps’ motto is my favorite. When I get praise at work for a good job well done, or when a promotion happens - I won’t forget it all starts with DREAM IT, OWN IT, and BUILD IT - that's all you have to do. Keep pushing forward. My favorite quote from the best fighter of all time, Muhammad Ali, is "Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill", and I leave it at that. Thank You JOB CORPS, I am now on a new, better journey because of you.
Scotty E. LLoja

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